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About us

We believe everyone is entitled to health care, an education and a family. We strive to provide these three key rights across the globe.

Where would we be without these three basic rights?

Here at Humanitas charity we believe no adult or child should live without these essentials. They make us who we are. That’s why since 2001 we have been taking decisive action to ensure the world’s most vulnerable individuals have a chance, not only to survive, but to flourish.

We provide long-term, professional support to individuals in areas of devastating poverty around the world. We build schools. We treat illnesses. We create lasting families for children without a home. We are on the ground, providing care, in a crisis.

So many people urgently need our support. And there’s a host of exciting ways you can help.

We are Humanitas, humanity’s helping hand. Together we can transform lives… for good.

Humanitas latest medical aid trip to the Rohingya refugee camp featured on BBC World News and on their 'Inside Out' programme. Click here to watch inside out London.

Please follow our social media and youtube for video updates on the work we will be carrying out on your behalf.

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Humanitas is fundraising towards

Refugee Crisis Appeal

Rohingya Refugee Crisis Since August this year 515,000 Rohingya people have been forced to flee the violence in Myanmar and are now living in temporary camps in Bangladesh. 80% of the refugees are women and children. Villages in Myanmar continue to be destroyed and up to 15,000 people ...

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Run the London Marathon

Being selected for the London Marathon is becoming a harder battle than actually running the race. But when you run for Humanitas charity you are guaranteed a place for the 2018 London Marathon. Every beleaguered step you take is another step towards transforming a child’s life! The London ...

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